Fibertech Group, a leading provider of advanced carbon fiber prepregging solutions, is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership with RECARBON, an esteemed innovator in sustainable materials. This strategic collaboration will enable RECARBON to serve as the exclusive commercialization partner for Fibertech’s range of products based on recycled carbon fiber.

Driven by a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and circular economy practices, Fibertech and RECARBON recognize the vast potential of recycled carbon fiber across multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, construction and consumer goods.

Leveraging Fibertech’s state-of-the-art prepregging technologies and processes, this partnership aims to redefine the market by offering high-quality, eco-friendly products.

By repurposing and reintegrating carbon fiber into the manufacturing cycle, Fibertech Group and RECARBON are championing substantial progress in fostering sustainability within carbon fiber-dependent sectors.

Through this exclusive partnership, RECARBON gains privileged access to Fibertech’s range of recycled carbon fiber products, empowering us to provide customers with innovative, environmentally conscious solutions that uphold performance and quality standards.

Both Fibertech and RECARBON are committed to facilitating the transition towards a circular economy by promoting the widespread adoption of recycled carbon fiber products. By leveraging our combined expertise, we aspire to empower industries to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising performance or functionality.

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